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Be great in act,as you have been in thought.
William Shakespeare

Friday, 18 January 2013

Memories and hopes......

The journey has started this morning at 6:30 for me,I had to wake up and prepare the breakfast for    the family  so that we could have an early breakfast altogether.
After the breakfast when all my kids had left the house ,I felt the excitement of the journey more,I was  a bit nervous and stressed as there were possiblities of some problems.
At 9 am ,I had to g oto the school to meet the rest of the group,when I arrived there,two of our students were waiting.At 9:30,time had come to leave the school and start the stressful   journey from the Asian part to the European part as the airport from where we were going to depart was on the European side.
When we arrived there,everything went on well, we had  no problem  and we had also lots of time left for us to see around what we can find at the freeshopsJ)
Now I am on the plane,we are flying,it is sometimes shaking, but   it  is stil more comfortable  as it is  a direct flight from İstanbul to Barajas,which lasts only  4 hours and 25 minutes, than the other flights we had made before.
When we arrive there ,Rosa,our Spanish coordinator , the main coordinator of this project  and Willand ,our German coordinator and his team  will be waiting for usJ
Possibly the Italian team  has arrived and they have also met the families and the teachers are having their rests.
That is all for now,our students have taken lots of photos,before,during and after the flight  which I will also share here.

These sentences were written     long ago ,when the first trip was going to start.Now after having finished the first trip,I feel the relaxation  of having completed the first step.
While being there in Spain,everything we did, was great.The time  we spend   there was like magic because we had no responsibility of the families ,no boundries only 5 students and our collegues who were also very helpful and kind.
Sightseeing whole Madrid  was perfect as  we saw new places which was also a very good idea because   some  of the coordinators were there before(like me).
Being a part of something which you like a lot makes you feel really very happy and when  I  look  back, I think, I love being a part of this Project.
I love talking in English,using the language I have taught for many years to my students.This Project   not only helps me but also my students to understand the menthality of speaking a foreign language.As a language teacher,it is really important for   me  to be able to use the language I am teaching.I know that  there are teachers of English in my country who are not able to speak the language they are teaching.What a pity,isn’t it.
Not only me but also my collegues understand the importance of knowing a foreign language and it also helps you when you are abroad because you know that there is someone else who can express his/her thoughts  without your help.I   can also see the difference between the European   teachers and our teachers and it makes me a bit unhappy because most of my collegues can’t speak a foreign language  whereas most of the European teachers know more  than one foreign language.
I think,in the near future ,this will change  as most of the students are able to speak the language  they have been learning for years….
Besides speaking ,teaching the language of course there are many other problems as we are in a country where there is lots of bureaucratic work to be done before and after the trip.
Sometimes ,it is really tiring to do the whole work ,expain  over and over again why you are doing this Project and what it means,what the aims are.But stil having the hope of  having  a change,getting together  with  your collegues from all over Europe ,talking  about things you normally never talk gives you courage to continue this Project.
Nowadays,it is really hectic in here as we have an exam week and all the   final  exams are made common and in a very different style,where it is not possible to cheatJ
Next week will be a free week ,eluded from all the problems of the school,no lesson,no  exams but only the theatre play we are going to perform in Italy.
Today ,there will be a meeting about the things we are going to do for next week.If we can plan everything perfectly,we will have nearly completed  all the work.
Hope to see all the friends in February,in white and snowy OulxJ