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William Shakespeare

Friday, 16 November 2012

Finally time has come !!!!

    Yes, it is time to go now!!
After so many meetings with teachers and students,so many controls  what has been done so far and what has to be done ,what is missing or wrong, time has come for Spain.
When people hear or learn that we are going to Spain next week,they tell me, as I am the coordinator of the Turkish team,that life is beautiful to me(a kind of proverb?),cause I am going to go abroad for a week.
But they forget or elude something very important,we have been working with the whole European Comenius team since last year,since last November and send each other countless e-mails,met face to face or in my case via skype to talk over and over again what we are going to do.After all these e-mails,all the Team members had to explain the project to their collegues at their schools so that some of those teachers would be willing to help and develop the project.
In my case ,it was not easy to find volunteer teachers as most of them were not thinking about the main issue,the project, but only about  where they were going to travel!!!!
So,I told them that there is a lot of work to do and if they are willing to help me,there is a possibility for them to travel with the Turkey Comenius team.
What were the duties they had to fulfill so that they could travel with us?
Choosing the students with some abilities ,for example:music,arts,dance,P.E or theatre.
It was not very easy to choose the students because there were lots of teachers at the contest or what ever we may call it and this meant that there were also lots of different opinions and ideas.
The principals were not very helpful as they wanted us to do our lessons and after school time do the choosing which would be not possible for the students because most of them continue to an extra education at a private preparation course for the universities.
After choosing the students ,we had to tell them what they were going to do for us and for how long.If it was ok for them to work for us  for 2 years we had to make an assignment with them and their families so that they could realize how important it was to be a member of the  Comenius team.
After we told them what they were going to do,I also talked with my volunteer teachers and gave them different responsibilities,some of them had to prepare the board beforehand and after the visit to Spain.Some of them had to collect the questionarres from the teachers and students,some of them had to look for the interesting things which could be taken as a present,some of them had to take photos and some of them had to make the announcements via internet,facebook,twitter.etc.....
Working with a group of volunteer teachers was sometimes easy and sometimes difficult ,cause everybody had different ideas about the things going on or some of them even didn't know what it was all about.
Don't know if the other countries had the same problems with their collegues or principals but I had ......
Of course this doesn't mean that I won't work with the team again,it means that the team is  new,it is a baby and it is learning......
I am happy that we could accomplish the things we had to,we even had an exhibition and now wait Spain,
the Turkish team is coming!!!!!!
3 days left for the journey..........

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Final Countdown .....
   Everything is nearly ready,we have worked very hard to complete our work.
What have we done so far?
  We have choosen the students,talked with their parents about the Comenius Project,given them information about what will happen.Then ,we have given the volunteer students  some homework about the  mini project ,lots of beautiful things were prepared by them,most of the art works are ready and some of them are still working on it.
  While our volunteer students were working on the mini project,our volunteer teachers have prepared the boards on which we were informed about the countries we are going to visit.
  I ,myself had to organize the whole thing,besides these there was a huge   bureaucratic work  to be done.We first had to take the permissions to go abroad  then the passports had to be taken for some students who didn't have any.
  While all these bureaucracy was going on,I had to stay in contact with the partners and share the information with my collegues and students.
  I really wanted to prepare an exhibition about the mini-project,all the work done by our students,even if they don't look perfect for some teachers but unfortunately  it is not easy to assure the principals about the work done by our students.Somehow ,they didn't want to share it with the public authority.They told me that  the work wasn't worth.

So now it is time to get relaxed and start the countdown.....

Only 12 days left to meet our partners in Espana:))