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Be great in act,as you have been in thought.
William Shakespeare

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hello again!!!

      I think it is really difficult to find something to write here when you have to write.
Besides blogging,I also have to teach my students who are 12th grade and  once a week I also have prepare some activities for my collegues!!!
Oh I almost forgot,I have two kids and a husband who I have to look after,cook meals,clean the house  and lots of other stuff that I don't remember now.
     But I have to say ,writting is something else for me as I can express myself better while writing:)
This week and next week will be the exam week so I will try to find some enjoyable activities for my teenagers  from this page  ,hopefully the projector and the internet connection will work .....
If they won't work then I have a B plan,I will photocopy the activities ,hand them to my students and we will see.But it won't be the same of course,not so enjoyable and funny:(
     The link above is one of the best links I found out about listening  songs,you can listen to songs and if you want you can also  have it in Karoake style.There are 3 different levels;beginner,intermediate and expert.The song continues only if you write the correct word.So it is really enjoyable but also challenging.Try & see and don't forget to have fun:)


  1. Thanks for the follow on Twitter. I teach 12/13 year old students in New Zealand, I think the site that you mentioned will be great for some of them to use, so thanks for the link. Its the school holidays here at the moment, we don't start back until the first week of February but it will be great to share with my students then.

  2. Well, I still have to try out that link/ idea - but I do love your blog as I know the effort it takes to uphold a digital "showroom". I'm webmaster of - my school's website.
    Thank you for letting is know, keep it up!
    Wili from B'bronn

    1. Thank you dear Willand for your nice comments:)