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William Shakespeare

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Final Countdown .....
   Everything is nearly ready,we have worked very hard to complete our work.
What have we done so far?
  We have choosen the students,talked with their parents about the Comenius Project,given them information about what will happen.Then ,we have given the volunteer students  some homework about the  mini project ,lots of beautiful things were prepared by them,most of the art works are ready and some of them are still working on it.
  While our volunteer students were working on the mini project,our volunteer teachers have prepared the boards on which we were informed about the countries we are going to visit.
  I ,myself had to organize the whole thing,besides these there was a huge   bureaucratic work  to be done.We first had to take the permissions to go abroad  then the passports had to be taken for some students who didn't have any.
  While all these bureaucracy was going on,I had to stay in contact with the partners and share the information with my collegues and students.
  I really wanted to prepare an exhibition about the mini-project,all the work done by our students,even if they don't look perfect for some teachers but unfortunately  it is not easy to assure the principals about the work done by our students.Somehow ,they didn't want to share it with the public authority.They told me that  the work wasn't worth.

So now it is time to get relaxed and start the countdown.....

Only 12 days left to meet our partners in Espana:))

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