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Monday, 24 September 2012

Finally back again,
I know that it has been a long time since I wrote.Lots of thing happened,a school year finished and another one has started.Within this year there is lots of work to do,one of the most important things is that we have a new Comenius Project at school:)
Tomorrow is a big day for our students as they are going to show us what their abilities are and we have to choose the best 30 students among them with whom we will work together as a team for 2 years.
After having finished choosing the students we have to give them some work to do which will be presented both at our school and at the school we are going to visit this November.
I am very curious about what will happen tomorrow as it will be a hard day for both teachers and students but I know also that it will be good when we can accomplish it!!!
Let us see what the results will be and I will share them here with you !!!
I will also share other things such as the work which has to be done by our students,evaluation forms which have to be  answered both by students and teachers.
Some people might think that preparing a Comenius project is easy but  when you look in detail,there is lots of work to do,organising the teachers,students,preparing queationnaires,trying to find the best students,explaining the job to be done,translating whole work from English to your own language,getting the permissions from parents and government,buying the tickets,and lots of other stuff which ı can't remember now!!
I believe that most of the teachers who are willing to do such great work will use the things I publish here.
I hope it will be helpful for all of us:))
Thanks a lot who are volunteerly helping me to complete all of this great job!!!!!

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