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William Shakespeare Quotes

Be great in act,as you have been in thought.
William Shakespeare

Friday, 6 January 2012


      Does it matter which language we learn?Is it so important to understand eachother?If everybody could speak the same language would there be still problems in understanding eachother? May be if everybody could understand eachother  there would be other problems to be solved,may be not .
      But we all want to speak but mainly we want to understand eachother so that's why we learn languages. We all try to find a language which is spoken by many people,that's why we prefer to learn English as it is easy to learn and there are lots of materials to be used in teaching English and most of the movies,songs ,soap operas etc. are also in English.
      I don't want to say that there are only materials found in English,there are also others produced in other languages but still English has a priority among languages.So trying to be better in speaking and understanding would help us to communicate with people around the world  which would lead us to peace hopefully:)

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